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New little amp jamming EVH Style

on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:44 am
Just thought I'd post a vid , I got this cool little amp over Christmas and man, I'm so used to playing my big rig, that is was actually nice to sit back, have delay for once in a small little amp and different amp sounds. This amp is a little Mustang 1 from Fender. I was very impressed for 90.00 dollars. Thing rocks!!!! Well, I'm going to let you all see a different side of me playing than just fiberglassing ol' Marc. Here's the touring Marc, band wise. This is by no means , an excellent recording or a perfect attempt of Eruption, but , it's spare of the moment playing , not played by NO means perfect, but , good enough to hear the little amp and for you all to see the other side of me. We are getting ready to record some live shows with nice audio and HD video. Can't wait personally. Anyway, miss the phase 90 though.... hah! That's one of Ed's secrets to his sound. Anyway, besides doing Knight Rider , I'm also looking for good guitar tone in amps. So far, I've found just a KILLER amp....Splawn. Splawn is basically almost like a really heavily modded Marshall. It has gears, 1-3, plus an overdrive for each of these. Basically a 6 channel amp with a clean channel. Goes from early Plexi Marshalls, to heavy modded JCM 800 models. Love it. If you like loud and cranking, go to their website and check them out( go to the artist section, you might see some people you know)....I'm going to go listen to the new Van the mood because of the new album getting ready to come out. Have a good one and , don't laugh tooO much..... Just having fun...


P.S. The amp in the rack used to be my touring rig, I have since cut down to a rack and head, touring rig was almost like a fridge. I Loved it, but heavy , heavy, heavy......Also, put a red light in the amp.... hmmm...Knight Rider a little... Looks cool though!!!

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Re: New little amp jamming EVH Style

on Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:12 am
Good sounds, nice playing, bought my teen son one almost the same, everything comes down in price these days, its shocking what some cost :-) if you want a named one
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Re: New little amp jamming EVH Style

on Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:39 pm
sweet, I used to use a 50w marshall plexi head, but upgraded to the marshall mode 4 stack 350w, and now i have a line 6 spider 2 as i dont get out the house much.

Sweet video and playing bud
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Re: New little amp jamming EVH Style

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