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KnightCon 2012 - Photos & Eyethankyew - LINK FIXED

on Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:19 pm
Hi everybody,

Just want to echo the words of the others (and attach a link to my Picassa photos) in thanking all of the KnightCon faithful for making us so welcome at the weekend. Fab weekend all around and great to be a part of, and also to contribute to it in some way.

Also great to be able to put some names to faces after years of lurking on the forums without posting, so...(bound to get this wrong but here goes...)

Thanks of course to Steve and Rob who pulled if off, always great to see 'Torbay Dave' and his family but no K.I.T.T ;-( (my new neighbours in 'the bay lol), great to meet Mark Rolfe and his young lad and get some of the display done together, a great chat with Perry about life, politics and the world in general (and a bit of KR too ;-), Simon and Rik from 'KIRAD' (beautiful work, me and the wife are sold and doing the maths as I type), Steve from 'Knights of England' with his GPS modular dash and his stories (and pictures) from KR and Street Hawk, the chap from South Wales (apologies, name ecapes me mate) with his tale of 'don't place a bet with a KITT owner on whether the car will start first time in the morning after the scanner has been runing all night!'...the big guy from Blackpool (again sorry), the young guys from Ireland and of course the lovely people from Italy and Germany who travelled all of that way with their cars....of course there were loads more who we spoke with over the weekend so apologies those I've missed.

Anyway, back home now, back to work but buzzing and smiling still!

I'm posting some pics today so hopefully I caught everybody at some point, sorry if I didn't. I thought that Rebecca, Peter and Michael were lovely throughout and made time for everybody, I had some lengthy chats with Peter Parros about all kinds of non-KR related things too, including his other TV work and his work with 'Faith In Action' which was nice. I think he is genuinely true to his words of 'making a difference', as he seems to honestly enjoy meeting, talking with, and creating value in the lives of everybody he meets. I think it is fair to say that he is one of the nicest men I have ever met and talked with in showbiz to date.

My four year old is a big Michael Scheffe fan now after he took the time to talk 'dr.suess' with him and compare favourite books, that guy has the ability to talk to everybody and of all ages as if they are all old friends of his, which in a kind of way, is how we felt amongst you all, so again thanks for that.

Anyway, enough waffle. Hope you enjoy the pics on my picassa link below, comments would be great and...


Steve, Tracyann and Jamie
Paignton, Devon

Photos Link:-

If you can fill the captions in I would be grateful, just post here and I'll update, and if you want a picture removed, no prob.

(I have some others from the day, the signing session etc.)
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Re: KnightCon 2012 - Photos & Eyethankyew - LINK FIXED

on Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:55 pm
Some great photos Steve, thanks for sharing!

Re: KnightCon 2012 - Photos & Eyethankyew - LINK FIXED

on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:06 pm
Just put some more up, mostly family ones (i.e. with kids in lol)...

Thanks for looking!
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Re: KnightCon 2012 - Photos & Eyethankyew - LINK FIXED

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