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KnightCon post please join in

on Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:35 am
guys, can you please comment here what KnightCon/Knight Rider means to you and what the genious mind of Glen Larson

all coments will be printed and sent to Glen himself



Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:51 am
In a nutshell, its my childhood memories and everytime i take kitt out im in a happy place.

Glen Larson had a vision....That vision was Knight Rider...One man really did make a difference too so many people.

As for Knightcon........As ive said too so may people in the past you can not describe KnightCon... you have too go too experience it. there is no other show out there like it. All of us replica owners, soon too be owners, fans etc etc get too meet up once a year too talk shop which on its own is priceless. then on top of all that we have guests from the show, memrobilia and god knows what else. Then there is the star cars and heros...... All in all PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:06 am
‎Steve Fawcett and Rob Ormondroyd really raised the bar once more to bring together like-minded fans from around the world, bringing together knight rider fans into one big group!
countries wise I think most corners of the globe were covered and to have 5 kitts from overseas was amazing!
It was so nice to make so many new friends and catch up with some old ones too!
The guests were little stars and were more than accommodating to any requests thankyou Rebecca Holden Michael Scheffe and Peter Parros.
Heartfelt thanks for all who attended the event, I had the most amazing few days, was like an early birthday, fantastic turnout and some fantastic people!
If it wasn't for Glen, guys and girls like us wouldn't have these kind of opportunities to celebrate his work!

Knight rider to me was something I watched as a kid and I always wanted to have that car and be the man behind the wheel, every time I watched it I was always exited for the next episode to come on at the time I was only about 4-5 years old but the whole magic of the show still lives on for me the non cgi stunts the whole believability of it all, such a great show!

Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:23 am
when i was a young boy i saw this fantastic tv show called knight rider it was about a man and his talking car and the relationship that developed between them.
i never missed an episode i looked forward to the show every week i fell in love with kitt and from that point on i was hooked even to this day.

i still have the same love for the show infact even more now knight rider gave me a release from reality all the fantasical things kitt could do i dreamed about owning kitt one day lucky for me i was fortunate enough to do that.

now i own kitt which brings me to knightcon i brought my kitt to knightcon for the very first time i was absolutley blown away by the show the variety the star's how genuine they were also by the hard work rob and steve had put in to create this fantastic event i hope i will be attending many more knightcon's iam totally apalled by the behaviour and negitive comments from the video i watched please ignore that guy and keep doing what your doing we cant all be wrong we all enjoyed kc .
Tony Westwood
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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:33 pm
Well, if this is going to be sent to Glenn himself I'll address this post directly to him.

Hi Glenn,
I hope you are recovering well, and hope that one day you will make it over to KnightCon where I can finally meet and thank you in person for having a hand in nearly every TV show I watched as a kid.

As the "Grandad" of KRUK (an honourary title given to me by the guys because at 49yrs old I'm way older than anyone else on here) I grew up with your earlier works, though I didn't realise just how much of your work I was watching until I just Wikipedia'd it.

One of my most treasured childhood memories is sitting down every week to watch "The Virginian" and "Alias Smith & Jones" with my Dad (who sadly passed away in June this year, which now makes those memories even more special).
From a very early age I have been glued to the TV watching shows like "The Virginian", "Alias Smith & Jones", "McCloud", "The Six Million Dollar Man", "Quincy M.E.", "Battlestar Galactica", "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", "B.J. & the Bear", "Magnum P.I.", "The Fall Guy", and "Knight Rider", and these shows had a profound influence on me and helped to shape me into the person I am today.

Your shows had a strong moral message which if shown to a child at the right age (like I was) they will give that child a strong sense of moral values and encourage them to not only stand up and fight what is wrong in the world, but also to go out of their way to help others in trouble.

As for "Knight Rider", I was 19yrs old and serving in the British Armed Forces when Knight Rider hit our screens, but the show wasn't just for kids, it had something that appealed to adults too.
I was way too old to have fantasies about being Michael Knight, but Boy did I want a car that had a mind of it's own and who I could be friends with? Heck YES!!!

The formula was pure genius, not only had you got a car that every young male in the World would sell his soul to have, but you had the good vs evil - right vs wrong plots sending out a strong moral message, and also the bond between the good guys (not just Michael & KITT but also Bonnie, Devon, April, & RCII, they were a "Family") and that also sent out a subliminal message that the good guys cared about each other whilst the bad guys lived in a dog eat dog World, and wouldn't you rather be a good guy?
Most importantly of all though was the "One man CAN make a difference" message, it showed kids from a very early age that if we have the courage to stand up and be counted we can prevail against those who think they are untouchable.

Thank You Glenn.

What can I say about KnightCon, if ever there was an example of TWO men making a difference then KnightCon would be it.
Steve & Rob put their hearts & souls into this event every year, working around the clock a lot of the time to make things go right on the day. I have helped in a very small way as an extra pair of hands occasionally, and even that has worn me out so I have no idea where these guys get their energy from to do what they do every year.
Why do they do it? only they can answer that one, but what they acheive each year is a fantastic event that is free to enter for the general public, that brings loads of enjoyment to all those who attend, and also brings the subject of "Knight Rider" right back into everyone's minds so that it never fades away.

Hope to meet you one day,
fondest best wishes,
Tony Westwood
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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:40 pm
I, have always loved cars from an early age from when I was told when I was going to sleep, I had toy cars in my hand. So I have been and shall always be a car guy and when I watched KNIGHT RIDER for the first time I fell in love with the show straight away and always dreamed about owing that car. The stock car and my dream came true 12 years ago when I was going to a car auction I saw it standing there in the showroom I thought thats me. The next day I went back to the place and they said the car had gone I was gutted, but they said it was moved to there other showroom so straight away I was there and saw it there in the flesh (I was buying this car lol) and now its mine but back to point KNIGHT RIDER has changed my life forever and now thanks to my Mum and Dad listening to the radio about Knightcon they told me about and straight away i was there. The year was 2010 ever since the I have never looked back and every year it gets better and better. I am making my own KITT hopefully so from the bottum of my the heart I thank you so much to Steve and Rob from Knightcon and Very Very special thank you to you Glenn for making it all possible without you we would have nothing so "one show can make a diffrance" hope you are recovering well and hope to see you at Knightcon and thank you to everyone else. Iain

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Newcastle knight
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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:54 pm
Knight Rider has become more than just a TV show, its just amazing. I was born in 1984 so Knight Rider was already well into its stride, so i caught up with it watching repeats in the 90's, and even though it had been and gone, that car captivated me and its all i ever wanted !

I will admit to me it was just about the car at the time, but now ive come to respect the show on a whole new level, the great guy Michael Knight really is, how close he was to the people he worked with like Bonnie, Devon and April. It was just a un-complicated fun show for us to escape into and theres not many TV shows like that these days, everything is very dark and sinister.

So just thank you so much for bringing it into our lives Glen ! and for bringing us all together 30 years later on websites all over the world and for people like Rob and Steve to put on these awesome shows every year.

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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:08 pm
hi dear friends !! first of all I am sorry it took me so much time to send my post, you know we are organizing the Knight Rider Italian Festival that will take place this Sunday here in Italy, we are little and our event will not be as big as the American ones or the amazing Knightcon Uk, but we are doing all our best and there are so many things to think about and to do... lol I think my dear friends Steve and Rob knows it well Wink

anyway, as I already did on facebook, I (and I am sure I can say it also for my italian friends that came with me this year) would like to thank Rob, Steve, Marina, all KnightCon staff, all English friends and all other countries friends that shared with us the wonderful event of this year!!!!
thank you for the show, the friendship, the love, the joy, the passion, the fun, the atmosphere. We had a great and unforgettable time and we can't wait to come next year and share again a fantastic weekend all together!!!
This is the real Knight Rider feeling, this is the real mean of friendship and love.
No matter if we are Italian, German, Dutch, French, American and so on... we all belong the same Knight Rider family, we all speak the same language, the Knight Rider language.
Let's keep this feeling always inside us and let's people know how huge the Knight Rider heart is !!!
thank thank thank you friends
and thank you Glen since you started this dream that we are teaching also our children, nephews and nieces !!!
The real Knight Rider heart beats strong inside all of us I love you
grazie e baci from your Italian friends and KRI Knight Rider Italia
Dave Stapley
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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:33 pm
I got into Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica when i was something like 6 years old! I used to make models that were available from both shows, But it was also a family thing where we would all sit down and watch them together. I didn't have any idea that sometime in the future i would have KITT on my driveway! and would make such good friends from places near and far.

Glen Larson has been an inspiration, All my favorite programs that i still love more than anything else i see on TV today were all written by Glen, And then add to the mix getting Mike Scheffe to design the greatest car ever seen is just amazing, Then us slightly crazy people go and attempt to copy and build what we see onscreen

So thanks Steve and Rob and everybody that helps produce Knightcon

Thanks to Glen Larson and Mike Scheffe for creating the best TV show ever and for me having a permanently empty back account while building this car
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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:15 pm
so from where can I start? let's start from the end, that sometimes can be sad.
When a wonderful event ends you feel sad, and I am sad, since this has been an amazing adventure and I miss it. I found myself in a fantastic experience that I wish to repeat if possible next year. I found very hearty friends, that share my same passion. I wish to thank for the welcome and the friendship Rob, Steve, Marina and all people that share my same Knight Rider passion, and that keep alive the dream of man.
Even if we have different cultures and languages this dream unites all of us
I thank my "sister" Silvia that helped me during this amazing adventure translating everything for me that I can't speak English (please excuse all possible mistakes)
I hope to meet you all soonest again

Glen, I thank you so much for creating this series that let us dream when we were children and today after 30 years still let us dream.
Thanks to the passion for this series I had the chance to know fantastic people with whom I started great friendships that continue also beyond the Knight Rider world, people who in my life made the difference
hugs Marco
Mark Rolfe
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Re: KnightCon post please join in

on Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:49 am
I was seven when Knight Rider first hit our screens here in The UK, to which i remember waiting in anticipation for the show to start at about 7 i think it was... It had started with that piece of stu phillips incidental music that has become the theme to my life ( in which it is played daily in some form or other), I was so excited i kept talking through the first part to which my dad shouted at me & sent me to bed.
I stomped up the stairs & crepted back down so i could see through the gap in the doorway. It was going so well the stunts in the destruction derby i was in awe.... That was until jones got the brick in the face & i started laughing... Damn got caught by my dad & sent up again this time the door was closed... Even though i could only hear the rest of the program, if i closed my eyes i could still see what was happening... That was the magic of Glen Larson.
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Re: KnightCon post please join in

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