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Reducing laptop Audio noise

on Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:43 am
Hey gang - I had an issue with my voicebox and audio setup that has since been resolved. Thought it would be worthwhile sharing this with you all.

Original issue: my voicebox display on the dash would show a small "signal" when the laptop was connected to it (the red voice bars were partially visible even when no audio was coming through). The computer was running purely on its internal battery, so a power cord connection was not the problem. I also tried connecting a "ground loop isolator" to minimize the noise. This DID help significantly with the audio (before it, there was a constant audible buzz). But the voicebox display was still showing that noise even though I didn't physically hear it. It's jupitere's box and I knew I could adjust a set screw behind the board to control the sensitivity, but then the bars got too small when he actually talks.

Solution: connect a 1KW resistor and .1UF capacitor...wiring them into the audio line coming from the laptop. Doing this completely eliminated the visible bars when no physical audio was coming through the laptop. And when he speaks, they work just like they are supposed to.

I was never really good with reading electrical diagrams, so I drew one up that hopefully anyone can make sense out of. See below (might have to zoom out your browser a bit to see the full thing). Hope it helps! Very Happy

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