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Tutorial Intro - setting up a CO2 sprayer system

on Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:58 pm
Tutorial Intro - setting up a CO2 sprayer system

Postby NotchbackKITT » Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:58 am
Hey gang - one of the most frustrating aspects about this hobby for me is why so few owners are willing to share the details behind some of their 'cooler' KITT gadgets. We've all seen the end results before - the oil slick, the wireless touch device setup that controls everything in the car, the upper console buttons that start the car or move the windows, etc. But never do we really get a chance to see HOW these things have come together. And when asked for advice on how something was accomplished, some hobbyists for one reason or another just don't tell you. Today I'm hoping to break through this barrier and start a new trend.

My KITT has many of those cooler features installed...including some thinga that aren't very common. In the case of this post, I have a CO2 sprayer system that shoots a cloud of CO2 gas out the front of KITT, just like he did in the show. Given the lack of knowledge about gas systems and the lack of information available online, this was very difficult for me to figure out. But I did it...and my hope is by sharing a basic tutorial as to how I set this up, others will be able to create the same effects with their own replicas.

This is hopefully just one of many vids to come folks. I've got several more vids I could take if there is genuine interest. But more importantly, I hope my vid inspires others to do this same with their own replicas. Enjoy!
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Re: Tutorial Intro - setting up a CO2 sprayer system

on Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:38 am
Yup I quite agree, there indeed does seem to be a lack of willingness to share information... which is kinda odd considering you would think that is what the main purpose of the Internet is for is the sharing of information. I go out of my way to share as much information as I can on my Knight Rider project as I'm finding it tough as nails trying to find out sometimes how to do the most simplest of stuff.
I love your video btw, I'll bet with some tweaking that CO2 system could be made to have a little more punch and then be a very effective fire suppressant system... how cool would that be? Wink
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