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Some ground rules,  members please read Empty Some ground rules, members please read

on Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:59 pm

Account: You are permitted one account on the KnightRiderUK Forum. Any attempts to create multiple accounts suspension is granted.

User ID: can not contain offensive language, or in any way be devised to attack or harass community members.

Thread Posting & Private Message Conduct, the following forms of spech are strongly prohibited

-sexual discrimination (gender OR orientation)
-racial discrimination
-religious discrimination
-political discrimination
-trolling (attempting to iniciate anger or flame "wars")
-thread jacking (derailing the main subject matter)
-posting personal images or privileged information of any person without their consent (including but not limited to: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address, or other personal details)
-threats of violence or harm (under ANY circumstances)
-posting pornographic material

Any proven individual who purposely and without permission re-casts, reverse-engineers or copies, in part or in whole, a product(s) from a replica parts company or other individual vendor for profit and promotes these parts on the forum will be banned from the forum. Also anyone selling products not of their own, without express permission from the parts maker, fronting as a parts company will also be banned.
The individuals who legitimately create their own replica parts are integral to the community and their pioneering efforts to create replica parts are welcome.

Any new vendor wishing to post and sell on this forum MUST contact a member of the moderation team before doing so.

Do not post the same thread in multiple sub-forums.
Spam wil not be tollerated and any spammer removed.

Common sence here please as it is a forum we wish to enjoy and use, lets make if fun and without the problems like others do.

Any moderator has the backing to ban any offender for a time out period or for good.

In the name of the man, the reason we are all here one forum can make a difference!

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