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Damsels in Distress!

on Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:50 pm
So after I've been away from the Knight Rider 'scene' for a while I've loaded up the forum and catching up with all the goings on.

I've also started watching Knight Rider from the beginning again, as can be seen from my contributions to the Goofs thread.

So, I'm watching Deadly Manoeuvres and Michael stops to help the lady who's car breaks down. This is where for me that you can tell it's set in the 80's, not the cars or the clothes but that.

These days no-one stops to help each other out. Yesterday I saw a car broken down dangerously in the middle of the road on a dual carriageway and an RAC van sailed straight past. Now he'd just come out of the petrol station and then sat in a lay-by just a little ahead to eat a sarnie. Surely common sense and politeness dictates that you at least help him shift out of the busy traffic? He could have even got a membership sale out of it!

But it's not just that, it's also the fact that these days, a lady on her own would probably not accept help from a random bloke and Michael would probably get a mouth full or worse stil, pepper sprayed in the face for his troubles!

It's a shame that the world and culture we now live in means that, as a male, if I see a broken down car and a bloke walking with a petrol can, I will (and have) given him a lift to the petrol station. But if it was a woman, I'd be more concerned about the consequences and probably drive by.

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Re: Damsels in Distress!

on Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:45 pm
Back in the 80's people didn't have cellphones to call help if the car broke down. Very few had even car phones so it was more common to stop and help someone in car trouble.
One of my previous cars broke down once and I just called a tow truck with cellphone, I guess in the old days I should've try to stop a car and get a lift to the nearest house or gas station to call the tow truck.

Damsels still are in distress occasionally, for example I was filling my tank in a gas station and woman in the next car didn't know how to open the gas cap Very Happy The car had lever inside which opened the gas cap, very common in Japanese cars.
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